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Once you get a service from Hearth N' Soul you will not want to go anywhere else.
Our service is the best and most complete offer for the most affordable price.
  • Safety check (gas leaks and part damage)
  • Pilot cleaning
  • Pilot sensor(s) check
  • Valve inspection
  • Adjustment and maintenance
  • Testing of all functions
  • Burner Cleaning
  • Ember replacement
  • Glass cleaning (if direct vent unit)
  • Interior cleaning and repair
  • Repainting with high temp paint (if needed)
  • Repairs and/or replacement of parts **
  • Customer Service (any questions answered/ tutorials)
  • Any additional service regarding your fireplace that we can do***
Our Residential Annual Service also covers you with a yearly warranty. Which means that for the rest of the season, or until your following service the next year, we will come out and fix any problem that may come up following the service call, FREE OF ANY SERVICE CHARGE. You are our customer and you come first, so if you call in need of help we will be there as soon as possible.
Our commercial customers typically can get a lower rate, since some commercial settings have multiple fireplaces. We will contact you directly about pricing to see if you qualify since certain discounts will no longer be applied.
**does not included price of parts
***with-in reason, some restrictions may apply
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