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WHY get your fireplace serviced annually?

Your fireplace works fine and only needs to be looked at when you have a problem...right? 


NO. Consider a few good reasons to have your fireplace serviced annually...

1. Your fireplace (no matter how much you use it) runs at a very high output and can cause some build up of carbon in the mechanical parts.

2.   Fireplace manufacturers and the National Fire Protection Association will tell you to have your unit inspected and serviced annually by a trained and experienced technician. Because there is a lot more going on than you may know when you turn on your fireplace.

3. Protecting your investment. Your fireplace is an expensive investment in your home, you want it to last as long as possible and work correctly. Just like getting a tune up for your car or your HVAC system, your fireplace needs special attention from a trained technician before each heating season.

These are just a couple of good reasons...there are many more, including making sure your fireplace is running SAFELY and EFFECIENTLY.

So turn your fireplace on with CONFIDENCE next time because you have had your pre-season service from Hearth N' Soul!

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